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Mohawk Hairstyle

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Mohawk Hairstyle

Long Hair Braided Mohawk for Women

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Afro Mohawk Style

mohawk hairstyle for men


You may have seen the last of the Mohicans, but not the Mohawk's. The hairstyle is making a comeback, but it's more relaxed and comfortable this time around.

Unlike its punk roots, the Mohawk has gone soft. It's not as hard-core punk like a few years ago, but it's still for the adventurous. 


Mohawk is the name of one of the Iroquois tribes of North America, which lived in Mohawk's Valley region (New York).

They became later part of what is known today as the "League of Peace and Power". Mohawk people used to wear their hair tight up and decorated, but the comb effect was obtained without shaving the rear part of the head. The style first became popular under the influence of the movie "Drums Along the Mohawk"(1939).

Mohawk tribe hairJoseph Brant by Gilbert Stuart


The Mohawk hairstyle is commonly associated with the 1970's-1980's Punk movement and it was a symbol of rebellion.

The hair used to be shaved on both sides of the head and leaving long strip on the central part, using special hairstyle products and techniques to hold it up like a comb. Depending on the length of the hair, the Mohawk hairstyle can be fairly easy or by the contrary, very difficult to be obtained and maintained.

Associated Mohawk punk styles are: liberty spikes, deathhawk, psychobilly Mohawk, frohawk and Chelsea hawk.

liberty spikes

deathhawk style

psychobilly mohawk


chelsea hawk


The Mohawk hairstyle is now back in trends. It can give a plus of personality and originality to anyone's style. As there are many variations of the Mohawk hairstyle, you can create your own type of Mohawk according to your personal style and face shape. The side of the head doesn't have to be shaved, although this can be an option.

The new Mohawk style came with many different variations and it can be successfully adopted by anyone. It is trendy, eccentric but also soft and stylish! With a bit of creativity you can adapt your Mohawk look for any occasion: keep it extravagant for more non-formal days or make it soft and elegant for official meetings, job or cocktails.


David Beckham Mohawk Cassie's Mohawk Hairstyle Miley Cyrus Mohawk

Natalie Portman Mohawk

Prince William Mohawk

Pink Mohawk Hairstyle

Mark Salling Mohawk rihanna mohawk hairstyle

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